A huge thank you to everyone who made the time to respond to our survey about the future format of our Liskeard cycle groups. We were delighted to receive 29 responses with the following results. (Please note: for the first half of the survey relating to opinions I have given the responses in percentages; and for the second half, relating more to the commitments we are prepared to make, I have given the responses in numbers of people.)

92% agreed it is important for all our cyclists to have third party insurance. 75% agreed there is a case for exploring cheaper cycle club membership to facilitate this. Of those who didn’t agree, all but one were happy with their current Cycling UK/CTC Cornwall membership. 78% broadly liked the idea of establishing a Liskeard Cycling Club.

24 of the 29 respondents were prepared to register with the new Liskeard Cycling Club. 28 people were prepared to take out third party insurance by one means or another. 11 people were kind enough to say they were prepared to sit on the Liskeard Cycling Club Committee for a year but, as we would expect, 17 were either not able or not willing to make this sort of commitment. However, 20 people did kindly say they would help with a fund raising event, such as a cake sale or raffle.

There were a number of helpful comments which I am summarising as follows: Some people made the point that they personally would not be making a saving by supporting these changes but were prepared to do so if it helped others. One person wondered whether we should not make the changes but instead use our CTC annual grant of £200 to subsidise fees for people who find it difficult to meet the costs of joining Cycling UK. (The Committee had looked at this possibility in some detail but in the end concluded that it was not appropriate for the committee to be conducting means testing of members and so abandoned the idea). There was also the positive thought that a local cycling club might provide the opportunity to include other cyclists (e.g. mountain bikers) and other age groups.

The committee met on the 30th April to consider the above responses. It concluded there does seem to be enough support to go ahead and create an Liskeard Cycling Club affiliated to Cycling UK. It did also acknowledge this was quite a lot of work so before proceeding with the change the committee has asked our Chair to double check with Cycling UK and with their insurance brokers whether our current ride leaders will still be protected if their cyclists have their third party insurance from a variety of sources (e.g. Cycling UK membership; British Cycling membership; British Triathlon Fderation membership; membership of another affiliated group, such as Callington Cycles Riders ; or through their own household insurance policy. ) We suspect the answer is no but we just want to check before we go ahead and make a lot of unnecessary changes. The committee is meeting again as soon as we get a response to try and make a final decision. Phew! Almost as bad as Brexit but thank you all so much for all your help.


Further to our announcement in March, our local CTC committee has met again to consider the next steps in taking forward the proposal relating to a new Liskeard Cycling Club. This is to give you further information about that proposal and to seek your feedback via a short Survey Monkey survey below.

Aim of proposal: to set up an accessible local cycling club with affordable membership for all so that all riders can be covered by third party insurance.

Evidence of third party insurance will be a requirement for everyone cycling with the Liskeard club (with the exception of guests who will continue to be able to try one of our group rides for up to three rides).

Why: At the CTC Cornwall AGM, the committee received feedback that although our local cyclists appreciated the importance of having all group members covered by third party insurance, not all could easily afford the full Cycling UK/CTC Cornwall membership (currently £46.50 for those in work). The committee was therefore tasked with exploring options which might allow members third party insurance more cheaply.

Proposal: Create a new local cycling club affiliated to Cycling UK which would allow members to take up third party insurance by a number of routes, whichever seemed most favourable for them:

Route 1: By becoming an affiliated, rather than a full, member of Cycling UK (current cost £25 – can be paid by monthly DD).

Route 2: By continuing as now with a full membership of Cycling UK (currently £46.50 a year for those in work but only £29.50 for members who are retired or not in work – can be paid by monthly DD) and will give members Cycle Magazine four times a year as well as free legal advice/CUK Incident line

Route 3: By becoming a member of British Cycling (currently £41 or £36.90 if paid by DD for those in work) or

Route 4: By demonstrating that they have another policy which provides third party insurance cover for them if they are responsible for an accident on their bicycle. Quite a lot of house insurance policies used to provide this, although this seems to be less common now.


If the club is no longer a full member of Cycling UK the club loses the grant from Cycling UK of £200 a year that it currently receives towards running costs.

Members paying the lower affiliated fee would no longer receive the Cycle Magazine or have access to free legal advice/Cycling UK Incident Line.

In order to take advantage of Route 1 above, cyclists would have to both register as an affiliated member of Cycling UK (currently £25 a year) and also pay a nominal annual membership fee to the Liskeard Cycling Club – something like £1.

In order to set up the new club, the club itself will have to pay an annual affiliation fee to Cycling UK, currently £77.50; and fund its own website, current cost £40 pa – which the committee would raise by applying for a grant and/or an annual raffle/cake sale.

The new club would need a committee to run it, although the administration should be very simple and will not require, for instance, an AGM.

Next Steps so we can decide if we want to proceed with this proposal

We now need to get feedback from as many people who normally cycle with Liskeard Velo, Liskeard Ladies and Liskeard Easy Riders as possible via the Survey Monkey ten questions below.

Liskeard Cycling Club Survey

The current committee will be meeting again on Tuesday 30th April to analyse your feedback. If there is no support for taking forward the above proposal, we will abandon the idea and continue as now.