Exciting News!


In order to protect all our cyclists against possible claims in the event of accident or injury, and in response to queries raised at the 2018 AGM, CTC Cornwall has decided everyone attending the regular rides for our Liskeard Groups should have third party insurance.

In an attempt to make this more affordable for participants , CTC Cornwall has also decided (after a great deal of research) the Liskeard groups should now register as an affiliated club with Cycling UK and call itself something like Liskeard Cycle Club. This would mean that if you normally cycle with Liskeard Velo, Liskeard Ladies or Liskeard Easy Riders you could now become a member of the new Liskeard Cycle Club and, if you are an adult in work, take advantage of the lower fee and third party insurance.

CTC Cornwall will continue as now. If you are already a full member of Cycling UK you have the option of staying with them if there is no financial advantage in switching to an affiliated membership. There are a number of details and processes to work through but we will get back to members as soon as possible outlining the next steps.

We do hope you like this idea.

The Committee,
CTC Cornwall ,
March 2019